Solutions to Common Window Tinting Issues

You probably know that the window tint will eventually bubble or peel as time passes by if you’ve had your car windows tinted. You can only consider it a bad tinting job depending on how long the window tint lasted. Obviously, your window tint might bubble or peel right away if it was poorly applied. Sometimes, this occurs if you are trying to apply the tint yourself for the first time.  

To avoid that, it’s best to hire a professional car window tinting Red Deer company. 

Will Window Tint Bubbles Go Away? 

It is normal to see tiny bubbles under tint that is freshly installed. Typically, these bubbles will be gone after several weeks and should be extremely tiny. They might vanish faster in the summer season and might take longer to go away in the cold months. If you’ve got bubbles that have formed in older tint or bubbles that are bigger than normal, they won’t fade. You can eliminate the bubbles that are causing issues by pricking them carefully using a sewing needle or a pin and then using a credit card to smoothen it. 

On the other hand, perhaps it is best that you get a new window tint if there is excessive bubbling. Perhaps it is time to go to an expert who has more experience applying evenly the firm if you’re trying to install the tint and have repeated issues with bubbles.  

Fixing Wrinkled Tint 

Use distilled water and spray it on the edges of the wrinkled spot. After that, use a razor blade to lift it gently from the window. Pull back the wrinkled spot. Next, spray water on both the glass and the film. Firmly press back the film onto the window using a squeegee. You should begin from the inside and work to the edge. Wait for at least 60 minutes for it to dry. If you aren’t able to lift the film or if you have damaged it, you can hire an expert instead to fix the problem for you.  

Fixing Peeling Tint 

You might have to replace peeling tint. You can often fix it by rinsing it in water and soap and then utilizing a squeegee to put it back in place. However, you’ve got to ensure you smooth out the bubbles first. Unfortunately, in general, it’s better to mark a square around the damaged spot and cut it away using a razor blade. Next, apply a fine water mist and then get rid of the area. You have to ensure you get both layers. Next, clean the exposed part and apply a new section. 

Should You Fix Window Tint on Your Own? 

This greatly depends. You should take your car back to the professional and make them fix the problem if you had an expert job done and it’s still under warranty. On the other hand, you can try fixing it yourself if you did the job on your own. However, your repairs might also be of poor quality if you did a bad job.